Cor-A-Vent Product Guide

Why choose… Rolled Ridge Vent by COR-A-VENT? • Environmentally responsible – Made with 100% pre-consumer Polypropylene plastic • Durable & Power-Nailable – Won’t crack or compress like other vents • Tested & approved – Protects from rain & snow infiltration without clogging* • Superior Airflow – 12" NFVA, has better airflow than VentSure ® & Rapid Ridge ® ** • More bang for your buck – 20-foot roll comes with 2 coils of 1 ¾" nails, all for a low price. ** In-house airflow testing was done using the Energy Conservatory Minneapolis Duct Blaster (Series B) fan assembly, in conjunction with the Minneapolis pressure and fan flow gauge (Digital Manometer Model DG-3). Pressure utilized was 5 pascals (pa) to simulate low wind/air movement on a typical day. Quarrix/VentSure ® and Tamko ® /Benjamin Obdyke Rapid Ridge ® are trademarks and property of their respective owners. No affiliation, connection, association, sponsorship or approval of COR-A-VENT or its products or services is stated or implied. So, why choose Revolution? It’s a Better Ridge Vent, with More Features, at a Lower Price! Cor-A-Vent ® REVOLUTION 53 cfms Airflow in Cubic Feet per minute @ 5 pa: Rapid Ridge 27 cfms Quarrix/VentSure 46 cfms 0 cfms 10 cfms 20 cfms 30 cfms 40 cfms 50 cfms 60 cfms Dust exposure test (ICC-ES AC132) RESULT: < 0.1 grams of dust – Accumulation of dust result is below reportable limit of measurement – Passed _______________________________________________________________ Resistance to wind-driven rain & snow (Florida Building Code TAS 100(A)-95) RESULT: Passed _______________________________________________________________ Accelerated weatherization / exposure (ICC-ES AC132; ASTM D 4329; ASTM D 638) RESULT: Passed _______________________________________________________________ Self Ignition Temperature (ASTM D 1929) RESULT: Passed 3 3 3 3 * Revolution was put through the following ICC tests, conducted by third- party testing company PRI Construction Materials Technology. How did it do? © 2013 COR-A-VENT, Inc. Made in the USA Revolution Sales Sheet 12/14