Cor-A-Vent Product Guide

Sturdi-Strip ™ furring strip • 3 / 8 ” thick by 1 1 / 2 ” wide • Easy-to-handle 4-foot long sections • Pairs great with the SV-3 siding vent, or doubled up to match SV-5 siding vent • 112 pieces per carton (448 lineal feet) • Color: Black • Heat-resistant: made from profile extruded polypropylene plastic • Impact-resistant: screw, staple or power-nail in place • Crush-resistant: Will not compress like “drainage mat” products • James Hardie ® recommended, unlike “drainage mat” products (see: ) Q: How many Sturdi-Strips do I need? A: On stud spacing with 16-inch centers, you would need 1 linear foot of Sturdi-Strip for every square foot of wall ª for 500 square feet of wall, you would need 500 lineal feet of Sturdi-Strips. For 2-foot on center spacing, you would need 80% of that number – or take your square foot total and multiply by 0.8 ª for 500 square feet of wall, you would need 400 lineal feet of Sturdi-Strips. 5