Cor-A-Vent Product Guide

INSTALLATION IS EASY — Each carton contains 6 (six) 4-foot pieces of Roof-2-Wall Vent ™ (24 lineal feet), a 25-foot long x 14-inch wide roll of aluminum flashing, a bag of 2½" roofing nails, a tube of polyurethane caulk (black), and four R2W End Plugs. Tyvek is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates. Roof-2-Wall Vent provides 6.75 sq. in. Net Free Vent Area (NFVA) per lineal foot COR-A-VENT ® Roof-2-Wall Vent ™ for those Tough to Ventilate Roof to Wall Spaces THE NAME SAYS IT ALL… COR-A-VENT’S Roof-2-Wall Vent ™ is a complete ventilation package for the tough-to-vent detail where a pitched roof meets a vertical wall. Roof-2-Wall Vent has everything in the box you need for installation: • 6 (six) 4-foot peices of Roof-To-Wall Vent (24 lineal feet) that provide 6.75 square inches of Net Free Vent Area per lineal foot while stopping rain and snow at the point entry thanks to the Enhanced Snow Screen • 25-feet by 14 inch wide roll of aluminum flashing • A tube of polyurethane caulk (black in color) • A bag of 2½" roofing nails • 4 (four) R2W End Plugs