A simple, effective solution for venting behind wood, hardboard & fiber cement siding.

Venting behind your siding is just as necessary and valuable as venting your attic.  Trapped moisture from driving rain or condensation can cause major problems.  Paint peels off, exterior sheathing gets wet, siding can warp and your house wrap becomes saturated.  SV-3 & SV-5 solves these problems with a minimum amount of work and expense.

Key Benefits

• Helps to prevent paint from peeling.
• SV-3 = 5 Sq. In. NFVA per lineal foot.
• 7/16" x 3" x 4' cross section.
• SV-5 = 8.5 Sq. In. NFVA per lineal foot.
• 3/4" x 3" x 4' cross section.
• Prevents moisture from being trapped behind the siding.
• Made from heat resistant polypropylene.
• Power nailable

For PDF of SV-3 Siding Vent with STURDI-STRIPS Detail Drawing Click Here.
For PDF of SV-5 Siding Vent Detail Drawing Click Here.
For PDF of Gable End Rain Screen Detail Drawing Click Here.
For PDF Detail Using Siding Vents Around Wood Windows Click Here.
For PDF Detail Using Siding Vents Around Vinyl Windows Click Here
To Download DWG Siding Vents CAD Files Click Here.
Click here for our complete list of Technical Drawings.
Click here for the Siding Vents brochure.

Oregon Residiential Specialty Code R703.1 requiring furring strips with siding.

Product Packaging and Shipping Information (SV-3)
Pcs per Unit Shipping Weight per Unit
24 - 4 foot pieces 13 lbs

Product Packaging and Shipping Information (SV-5)
Pcs per Unit Shipping Weight per Unit
15 - 4 foot pieces 13 lbs

SV-3 & SV-5

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Introducing New V-600E!



Revolution used for Joplin, MO project

Cor-A-Vent recently donated Revolution Rolled Ridge Vent to the Tulsa, OK Habitat for Humanity to be used in their re-build project in Joplin, MO to help re-build that community in the wake of the devastating May 22 tornado. You can read about the Ten for Joplin project here: http://www.tenforjoplin.org/


(Habitat-Tulsa press release) JOPLIN, Mo. – Sept. 8, 2011 – The Tulsa and Joplin Area Habitat for Humanity teams, surrounding businesses and the City of Joplin are partnering on one of the most aggressive rebuilding efforts since last May’s devastating EF-5 tornado. The Ten for Joplin project team plans to build 10 homes during a 16-day period for low-income families in Joplin by Thanksgiving.

Community leaders announced the project at a news conference on the site of one of the new homes. The build is scheduled between Oct. 29 and Nov. 13 and will be take place in a neighborhood of Joplin that was in the affected area.

As the citizens of Joplin move into the rebuilding phase of their recovery, the need to help those who lost their homes has become evident. Of the nearly 7,500 homes damaged, some 43 percent were uninsured.

Ten for Joplin’s vision is to ignite volunteer efforts to rebuild Joplin by setting an example of what can be accomplished when businesses and communities come together to help one another.

“This is an exciting partnership that will not only provide 10 homes for 10 families, but will demonstrate the many benefits communities gain when working together,” said Joplin City Manager Mark Rohr. “As part of the Midwest, Tulsa Habitat and all of their volunteers and sponsors recognize the powerful reward one gets when helping their fellow neighbor.”

Donations and volunteers are needed to make this project a reality. The goal is to raise $800,000 in funds plus gifts in-kind and get 3,000 volunteers to support us on the blitz build. To date, Ten for Joplin has secured $400,000 toward this goal.

Companies that have signed up to be house sponsors are Hilti, Henry & Anne Zarrow Foundation, BKD CPAs & Advisors, Samson, TD Williamson, Inc. and Chase. Advanced Industrial Devices, Inc. also has signed up to sponsor half a house. Gift in-kind donations have been provided by Hilti, Thermal Windows, Inc. and Cor-A-Vent. United Way contributed tornado relief funds to help with the purchase of the ten lots.