Cor-A-Vent Tile & Slate Ridge Vents

V-300 used with Flat Tile  
COR-A-VENT ridge vents are the ideal products for tile and slate roofs because they're guaranteed to last the life of the roof they're installed upon!  COR-A-VENT works with all brands and styles of tile, and it's easy to install after the roof is dried in.


COR-A-VENT ridge vents come in several different widths to fit beneath more narrow caps, like cedar shakes and shingles.  With the variety of performance options available, it's easy to match one of our products to your specific needs.

Vents Available:
Barrel/Mission & "S" Tile

V-400E - 8 1/2 " • V-400E - 11"

Flat Tile
V-300 & V-300E - 11"
V-300 & V-300E - 8.5"
FAV-20 & FAV-20E - 11"
FAV-20 & FAV-20E - 8.5"
V-600 - 11" & 8.5"
X-5 - 11" & 8.5"

COR-A-VENT Ridge Vents are sized for residential and light commercial buildings up to 60 feet wide. Please call COR-A-VENT before using our ridge vents on buildings wider than 60 feet.

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