Roof Ventilation Systems: Cor-A-Vent V-300® and V-300E Ridge Ventilation System

Cor-A-Vent V300

V-300 Roof
The V-300® ridge vent is Cor-A-Vent's most popular ridge vent for a variety of reasons -- from ease of installation, to its low profile and power-nailability, the V-300 provides the best value for a ridge vent on the market today. It works equally well under shingles as well as shakes or slate roofing. If you are looking for a low profile ridge vent that still provides plenty of ventilation, our V-300 product line is your answer.

V-300E Enhanced ridge vent is ideal for hip use (NOTE: Minimum pitch for hip use is 5/12). V-300E's low profile on the hips allows it to blend in with the roof. V-300E is also available in 11", 8 1/2" and 7" widths and feature the Enhanced Snow Screen™ to prevent fine snow from entering the ridge vent.
Cor-A-Vent V300E
V-300 used with Shingles V-300 used with Shingle
V-300 used with Flat Tile V-300 used with Flat Tile
Key Benefits
  • 13.5 sq. in NFVA per lineal foot
  • 5/8 inch low profile design
  • Use V-300®E as a hip vent
  • 3 widths to choose from: 11", 8 1/2" and 7"
  • Use on  all slopes from 3/12 to 16/12
  • NOTE: Minimum pitch for hip applications is 5/12
  • Crush Proof Design
  • Made from heat resistant polypropylene
For dimensions open the End View 1 PDF & End View 2 Pdf files.
For dimensions if you have AutoCad open the End View 1 Dwg & End View 2 Dwg files.
You can also view our "Balanced Ventilation: How it works" FAQ sheet.
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Product Packaging and Shipping Information for V-300® 11", 8.5" and 7" widths 
Pcs Per Unit

12 - 4 foot pcs.
Shipping Weight Per Unit

30 lbs.

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Figure your Ventilation Needs

Enter your Square footage of your building footprint below and click "Calculate" to find the amount of Lineal Feet of V-300® you need for your project.

Specify your vent ratio:
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Note: Remember to provide balanced soffit ventilation also.
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