LWI now distributing Siding Vent in Greater Chicago Area

by steve • March 01, 2016
For several years, Lumberman's Wholesale Inc. has been the go-to wholesale distributor of Cor-A-Vent's S-400 soffit vent in the greater Chicagoland / Central Illinois / NW Indiana / Southern Wisconsin regions, and now they've got more -- LWI Supply will begin distributing Cor-A-Vent's Rainscreen Siding Vent System products this Spring. Besides the S-400 at LWI Supply, you can now order the following products:

- SV-3 Siding Vent (7/16" thick)
- SV-5 Siding Vent (3/4" thick)
- SS-112 Sturdi-Strips furring
- SB-48 Sturdi-Battens
- ST-30 Sturdi-Starter

Give them a call today to place your order: Phone: 630-844-1400 ; Toll Free: 800-325-5149 ; Email: info@lwisupply.com