New IN-Vent

by steve • June 16, 2009
(From April 2007)

Cor-A-Vent's newest product is here. The IN-Vent™ is an on-the-rooftop intake vent that lets fresh air in when soffits are out™.

IN-Vent is ideal for roofing contractors who need to add intake ventilation, but can't access the soffits or overhangs. IN-Vent comes in four-fo ot pieces and provides 6.75 inches of Net Free Vent Area (NFVA) per lineal ft. When installed on both sides of a roof, it will provide 13.5 inches NFVA, a perfect match for Cor-A-Vent's V-300 or Fold-A-Vent (FAV-20) ridge vents. A carton of IN-Vent contains 64 lineal feet of vent (16 four-foot pieces) plus two End Cap sections and a bag of 2 1/2" roofing nails.