New V300®-7 Packaging

by steve • September 05, 2013
 September 3, 2013
 New V300® 7-inch packaging and piece count
Mishawaka, Ind. – In an effort to simplify and standardize its V300® ridge vent product line, Cor-A-Vent Inc. is announcing a change in the piece count for the V300® 7-inch wide ridge vent. The new packaging for V300® 7-inch will decrease from 18 4-foot long pieces to 12 (twelve) 4-foot long pieces.

The physical packaging has also changed for the V300® 7-inch. No longer packaged in a cardboard box, the V300® 7-inch will now be sold in a bundle, just like the rest of the V300® product line. There will be 24 bundles per pallet, for a total of 288 pieces per pallet, meaning customers can now buy smaller quantities of V300® 7-inch and still receive pallet pricing.

V300® 7-inch is also available now with the Enhanced Snow Screen option, to protect from wind-driven snow infiltration when installed in areas that get snow. The new product codes will be as follows: V300®-7BDL and V300®-7EBDL (enhanced version).

Inquiries about these changes can be directed to Steve Lowe in the Cor-A-Vent Inc. sales department. He can be reached at 800-837-8368, or click here to contact him.