Stainless Steel staple

by steve • June 16, 2009
(From April 2007)
I'm running out of ways to say, "Here's a new product from Cor-A-Vent"... but here, in fact, is another new product from Cor-A-Vent. Actually it's a new option available for our existing soffit vent products - Stainless Steel staples.

If you are building along a coastal area, the salty marine air will corrode just about any metal that's not stainless steel, so that's what this is for - marine or other corrosive environments. (I can't think of too many other corrosive environments besides coastal spots, unless you live on Venus. The stainless steel we are using is Type 304 (thanks again Wikipedia!). Type 304 is an alloy that resists most oxidizing acids and can withstand all ordinary rusting, which could lead to streaking on your overhang - thus the reason for Stainless Steel staples.

Call (or contact me as usual) to find out about pricing and availability for the Stainless Steel staple option for Cor-A-Vent's S-400, PS-400 and RS-400 soffit vent products.