Where can you find Cor-A-Vent Siding Vents in Canada?

by steve • March 10, 2014
This comment came in to us in an email from a designer in British Columbia the other day. He said:

"Building code is now requiring rainscreen wall construction (capillary break) in more areas of BC and cladding manufacturers (say Hardie) are recommending it too (especially on OSB sheathing).  There seems to be no decent alternative to Cor-A-Vent for stopping insect infiltration.  Makes me wonder how guys are solving this problem if at all."

They definitely are solving it, and most often, they're using the SV-3 or SV-5 Siding Vents and the Sturdi-Strip plastic furring strip. Cor-A-Vent Siding Vents are a recommended option for a rainscreen system behind James Hardie (give them a call and ask, they'll tell you so) and every other kind of lap siding, whether it's wood or fiber cement.

And up in Canada, the place to find Cor-A-Vent Siding Vent products is Convoy Supply. With over 30 branches in nearly every province, Convoy Supply is the place to go for the best rainscreen system available. Give your local branch a call today and ask for Cor-A-Vent Siding Vents for your next siding project.