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Technical Drawings

COR-EV1 End View - Details & Product Dimensions
COR-EV2 End View - Details & Product Dimensions

Metal Detail Drawings

COR-MTL1 - Standing Seam Low Profile Cap
COR-MTL2 - Wide Ridge Cap
COR-MTL3 - Metal Roof to Wall
COR-MTL4 - Profile Panel
COR-MTL6A - V600TE w/Metal Shingles
COR-MTL6B - V300-7E w/Metal Shingles
COR-MTL7A - Purlin Vent Detail
COR-MTL7C - Structural Vent Block
COR-MTL7D - Purlin/Rafter Structural Vent Block
COR-MTL7E 3" - Purlin Vent Floating Ridge Detail
COR-MTL7F 3" - Purlin Vent Shed Roof Detail
COR-MTL7G 3" - Purlin Vent Wood Frame Detail
COR-MTL7H 3" - Purlin Vent Structural Steel Detail
COR-MTL8 - Metal roof framing w/wood deck and ridge vent
COR-MTL9 - Metal framing w/S-400 soffit vent
COR-SP1 - Spacer for Metal Roofing over Asphalt Shingles

Composition  Shingle Detail Drawings

COR-COMP2 - V-600® Ridge Vent
COR-COMP3 - V-300® Ridge Vent
COR-COMP4 - Revolution 11" Roll Vent
COR-COMP5 - Revolution 9" Roll Vent

Cedar/Wood Shake/Shingles Detail Drawings

COR-CED1 - V-600®CS
COR-CED2 - V-300®CS
COR-CED3 - Hip Detail
Tile & Slate Detail Drawings

COR-TS1 - S or Barrel Tile w/V-600®T
COR-TS2 - Flat Tile w/V-300®CS
COR-TS3 - Slate Hip or Ridge w/V-300®
COR-TS4 - Flat Tile w/V-600®T

Soffit Detail Drawings

COR-SOF1 - Zero Overhang w/V-600®T
COR-SOF2 - Boxed in Eave & Stucco w/S-400
COR-SOF3 - With and Without Overhangs w/S-400
COR-SOF4 - Engineered Truss w/S-400
COR-SOF5 - Open Rafter Details w/RS-400
COR-SOF6 - Restoration Cornice w/S-400
COR-SOF7 - Shed Roof w/V600-TE
COR-SOF9 - PS-400 Soffit Vent
COR-SOF10 - Frieze Board with Brick
COR-SOF11 - Frieze Board with Wood Siding
COR-SOF12 - SOF-12 IN-VENT® Rooftop Inlet Ventilation

Ridge Variation Detail Drawings

COR-VAR1 - Roof-2-Wall Vent Detail
COR-VAR2 - Roof-2-Wall Vent with Masonry Wall
COR-VAR3 - Unequal Pitch Detail
COR-VAR4 - Wide Ridge Beam Details

Siding Vent Detail Drawings

SV-3 Siding Vent with STURDI-STRIPS Detail
SV-5 Siding Vent Detail
SV-3 & SV-5 Detail Around Wood Windows
SV-3 & SV-5 Detail Around Vinyl Windows
Gable End Rain Screen Detail
Vertical Siding w/Sturdi-Batten & SV3
Shingle or Shake Siding w/Sturdi-Batten & SV3
Panel Siding w/Sturdi-Batten & SV3

Product Literature in PDF Format

Ridge & Hip Installation Guide
Balanced Ventilation - How it Works
Interactive Product Guide
Cor-A-Vent Full Product Guide (PDF)
Mini Product Guide
V600®E & S400 Brochure
V600 Brochure
V-300® Brochure
Revolution Ridge Vent Brochure
Soffit/Eave Ventilation Guide
RS-400 Brochure
Rainscreen Siding Ventilation Guide
SV-3 Rainscreen Siding Vent
SV-5 Rainscreen Siding Vent
Roof-2-Wall Brochure
IN-Vent® Instruction Guide
Metal Applications Brochure
CSI 3-Part Specification (Word .doc)
CSI 3-Part Specifications (Pdf File)
Cor-A-Vent Specifications on ARCAT
Purlin Vent Brochure
SP-1 Sturdi-Spacer Brochure

Design and Detailing for Roof Diaphragms with Cor-A-Vent Ridge and Eave Vents, Engineered, Unblocked Diaphragms

PDF Files for Part I
PDF Files for Parts II & III

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