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Here are some real-world examples of our products. Click the images to enlarge and read descriptions.

SV-5 Over Reflective Foil in Florida

Homeowner Leo DeCesare has been re-siding his Florida home and shared some photos of his work. He's using Cor-A-Vent's SV-5 Siding Vent paired with treated 1x2 wood furring strips to create a rainscreen behind Hardie siding, but he went an energy-saving step further by adding reflective foil over the moisture barrier (see photos below). 

"I love your product," DeCesare said. "The concept is brilliant and the energy savings is amazing."



S-400 Strip Vent soffit retro-fit

Rick Scott of Scott & Sons Construction recently used S-400 Strip Vent in a soffit retro-fit job in South Bend, Ind. His client's older home was missing a key component to an attic ventilation system - the intake vent. Solving a zero-overhang situtation can be difficult, but Scott used the S-400 Strip Vent installed right below the roof edge and trimmed it out nicely so the S-400 is virtually invisible. Check out the photos below to see how he did it:

IN-Vent & V-300® used on Walt Disney Museum

Three buildings with a lot of history in San Francisco are being remodeled for the Walt Disney Family Museum, and Cor-A-Vent was used to provide the ventilation. The Presido, located within San Francisco's Golden Gate National Recreation Area, was once an active military installation for three different countries, beginning with Spain in 1776 before changing hands to Mexico and finally the United States until 1989. Today, three Presidio buildings have been converted to house the Disney museum. Because of its unique and historic architecture, IN-Vent on-the-roof intake ventilation was installed at the bottom of the roof to provide airflow into the attic space, and the V-300® ridge vent was chosen for the exhaust at the top.

Revolution installation in South Bend, Ind.

Contractor Rick Scott, the owner of Scott & Son Construction, recently installed Cor-A-Vent's new product Revolution Rolled Ridge Vent on the ridge of a house he remodeled in South Bend, Ind. According to Rick, the product went down smooth and easy and, as you can see in the pictures below, makes for a crisp, clean, well-defined ridge line. Thanks to Rick for sharing his pictures of a job well done!

Yellowhammer LLC, Purlin Vent project

Rami Deeb, the owner of Yellowhammer, LLC construction, recently shared pictures of a renovation and addition project in Tallahassee, Fla. that utilized the Purlin Vent system for providing continuous airflow beneath a standing seam metal roof.

According to Mr. Deeb: "The purlin vent has been used to vent the air space between the reflective peal and seal underlayment and the energy star galvalume standing seam metal roof. 

"Additionally, the architect specified the purlin vent to be installed on the fascia board (over roof cemented galvanized eaves metal) and to cut the purlins at the top on a 45 degree angle (facing the roof) and then install the purlins 16" on center over the roof decking.  We are also installing a color matched vented piece of metal, bent at a 1" 90 degree angle to cover the purlin vents so that you can not see them from the ground.  After that, we are installing the color matched eaves metal to cover the rest of the purlin vent on the fascia and then we finish the roof installation venting all the ridges and hips so that the the air may circlulate into the fascia and then vent upwards and on out from there."

The final result looks great:

Michigan Flywheelers Museum, SV-5 project

Volunteers helped with a recent renovation project at the Michigan Flywheerlers Museum in South Haven, Mich. and Cor-A-Vent's SV-5 Siding Vent was used to provide a rasinscreen behind the new wood siding that was installed. Check out the Museum's website here for more information. Below are a couple photos of the installation. For more info on Cor-A-Vent's Siding Vent products, check out the Siding Vent page here.

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