"Infinite" Installation Methods for Any Eave Style

S-400 Strip Vent -- The original, continuous soffit venting solution is still the best choice for venting overhangs and eaves – and once architects find out about it, they spec it on every job! With 10 sq. inches NFVA per foot, S-400 provides superior intake ventilation for any detail – from zero overhang to open rafter tails.
  • There really are as many ways to install S-400 Strip Vent as there are eave construction details
  • 1" x 11/2" x 4' cross section gives you maximum soffit/eave ventilation in a minimum space
  • 10 sq. in. NFVA per lineal foot
  • S-400 fits narrow spaces where other vents can’t, like zero overhangs
  • Self-cleaning – vertical flute orientation doesn’t show the dirt
  • 24 4-foot pcs. per ctn. (96 lin. ft.)
  • Crush resistant so you can install with a power nail gun
  • Pair up S-400 with any of COR-A-VENT’S ridge vent products for an unbeatable system
  • Can be installed in multiple layers for additional ventilation

Key Benefits
  • S-400 1" x 1 1/2" x 4' cross section - Three color choices (White, Black or Tan)
  • 10 square inches of NFVA per lineal foot
  • Made from heat resistant polypropylene
  • Power nailable
  • Now available with type 304 Stainless staples - Special order Item
Church roof overhang
Soffit Medium
Color Ends
Any of our soffit vents can be special ordered with stainless steel staples for areas that may have high corrosion or rusting concerns (seacoast, lake front, or industrial areas).
Cold Roof Application
Shed Roof

Zero Overhang

For dimensions open the End View 1 Pdf & End View 2 Pdf files. For dimensions if you have AutoCad open the End View 1 Dwg & End View 2 Dwg files. Click here for our complete list of detail drawings in both Pdf and Dwg formats. Soffit/Eave Ventilation Guide You can also view our "Balanced Ventilation How it works"  FAQ sheet. Frequently asked questions (FAQ) click here.

Product Packaging and Shipping Information for S-400
Pcs Per Unit

S-400 24 - 4 foot piece
Shipping Weight Per Unit

11 lb
To learn more about the S-400 click here to learn more.

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