Sturdi-Strips™ Rainscreen Furring Strips

Cor-A-Vent Sturdi Strips

A simple, effective solution for rainscreen ventilation behind wood, hardboard & fiber cement siding

Venting behind your siding is just as necessary and valuable as venting your attic. Trapped moisture from driving rain or condensation can cause major problems. Paint peels off, exterior sheathing gets wet, siding can warp and your house wrap becomes saturated. The Sturdi-Strips hold your siding away from the wall to allow trapped moisture to drain away. Match Sturdi-Strips with Cor-A-Vent's SV-3 Rainscreen Siding Vent to create the Siding Vent System.**

** In situations where exterior rigid foam insulation is being installed, Cor-A-Vent recommends using ¾” thick treated wood furring strips installed over the foam, screwed into the wall studs, to provide a structural fastening point for the siding, and the SV-5 Siding Vent installed at the top and bottom to supply the rainscreen drainage, airflow, and insect screen.

Key Benefits
  • 3/8” thick by 1 ½” wide
  • Easy-to-handle 4-foot long sections
  • 112 pcs. per carton (448 lin. feet)
  • Color: Black
  • Heat-resistant: made from profile extruded polypropylene plastic
  • Impact-resistant: screw, staple or power-nail in place
  • Crush-resistant: Will not compress like “drainage mat” products
  • Pairs great with the SV-3 Siding Vent, or doubled up to match SV-5 Siding Vent
Sturdi-Strip close up

Q: How many Sturdi-Strips do I need?
A: On stud spacing with 16-inch centers, you would need 1 linear foot of Sturdi-Strip for every square foot of wall –> for 500 sq. ft. of wall, you would need 500 lin. ft. of Sturdi-Strips. For 2-foot on center spacing, you would need 80% of that number – just take your square foot total and multiply by 0.8 –> for 500 sq. ft. of wall, you would need 400 lin. ft. of Sturdi-Strips.

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Click here to learn about Oregon Residiential Specialty Code R703.1 requiring a rain screen space behind siding.

* Architectural spec for CAV Siding Vent System -- Section: 07 46 00 - Siding

Accessories: Furring Strips For Use Behind Sheet Siding: 3/8 inch thick x 1-1/2 inch wide polypropylene furring strips, attached vertically over air/moisture barrier at face of each supporting stud, to create capillary break between face of air/moisture barrier and back of siding, equal to Cor-A-Vent Sturdi-Strips with SV-3 Siding Vent continuous at top and bottom, by Cor-A-Vent Inc.

Sturdi-Strip close up view

Product Packaging and Shipping Information (SS-112)
Pcs per Unit

112 - 4 foot piece
Shipping Weight per Unit

22 lbs.

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